Take the Racing for Children’s Challenge!

Join Team Racing for Children’s in the fight against childhood cancer. Get involved today by making an online donation or creating a team and encourage your friends to fundraise with you!

Donations made to the Racing for Children’s Challenge are directed to the Alabama Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders to help advance research in the fight against pediatric cancer.

The Alabama Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders Is committed to finding a cure for more than 1,500 children and each year who come to us for care. Your gift provides hope for the children in our care today and in the future. Together, we can fight the race against childhood cancer and fund a cure.

Easy steps to take the Racing for Children’s Challenge:

  • Register your online fundraiser by selecting Get Started above.
  • We suggest setting your fundraising goal to $110 in celebration of ten years of Racing for Children’s
  • Show us how you are joining the race against cancer by uploading a photo to your individual page.
  • Invite your family and friends to join the challenge and donate.
  • Utilize the Share feature on your page to easily share your page to your social media pages.
  • Remember to use the hashtag #RacingforChildrensChallenge in your social media posts so we can see how you are celebrating!
  • Like Racing for Children’s on Facebook to keep up with our Challenge
Click here to visit the Racing for Children's webpage.

For questions on how to get involved, contact Nancy Rieves, Executive Director, at nancy.rieves@gmail.com

Help us provide exceptional healthcare to ill and injured children
from across the Southeast when they are at their most vulnerable.

Thank you for supporting Children's of Alabama!