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Lacey Jane on the Roo Bus
Lacey Jane on the Roo Bus

The Real Roo Bus

Thanks for visiting the Roo Bus / Camp Reddaroo donation page!

We're doing this fundraiser this year in honor of Lacey Jane Ayers, the niece of Daniel and Sharla with the Roo Bus.  In November of 2017, Lacey was in a car wreck with her family while returning home from Christmas shopping.  After almost losing her, Lacey was eventually brought back from a coma and is now a lovable troublemaker again, almost like nothing at all happened.

Lacey is a rambunctious five year old who loves to hang out in the Roo Bus and pretend to drive it when she visits.  She already knows what Bonnaroo is, and we look forward to taking her when she is old enough.  Lacey is still with us thanks to the miracle workers at Children's of Alabama, who worked wonderfully with our family during her ordeal.

In honor of both Lacey and the amazing work of Chidlren's of Alabama, The Roo Bus and Camp Reddaroo are working together with a goal of raising $2,000 that will help support kids like Lacey who unfortunately have to spend an extended time at the facility.  Funds raised in our drive will go towards buying playground equipment, basketballs, toys, and other fun things that the kids at Children's of Alabama can enjoy during their time there.

Bonnaroovians and our friends can donate directly through this page, and all funding will go directly to Children's of Alabama.  We will be promoting this in the months leading to Bonnaroo, and we will also work with Bonnaroo attendees on site in June if you'd like to donate that way.  More info will be coming in the coming months leading to Bonnaroo!

Thank you for helping us to radiate some positivity towards these great kids who really need some Roo spirit!

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